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mother daughter coach - Rosjke Hasseldine

I am Rosjke Hasseldine (pronounced Roshka), the world’s first mother-daughter relationship therapist/coach. I taught my first, and New Zealand’s first, mother-daughter workshop in my hometown Christchurch, New Zealand in 1993, and since graduating from Indiana University with a Masters degree in Counseling in 1997 I have had the privilege of having listened to thousands of mothers and daughters around the world talk about their mother-daughter relationship.

All this experience has given me tremendous insight into why mothers and daughters fight and emotionally disconnect, which I explain in the
Mother-Daughter Attachment ModelTM.

The Mother-Daughter Attachment Model is the best-practice model for understanding the mother-daughter relationship!

It explains

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    Why mothers and daughters are suffering from a world-wide epidemic of relationship conflict.

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    Why the mother-daughter relationship is central to women’s and girls’ psychological development, wellbeing, emotional empowerment, and fight for equality.

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    Three solutions required for a strong, emotionally connected mother-daughter relationship.

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    The diagnostic exercise of Mother-Daughter History Mapping ™ uncovers the reasons for mother-daughter conflict. It also provides a powerful roadmap that stops mothers and daughters from inheriting harmful generational beliefs and change sexist cultural practices.

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    Tools and techniques on how to coach the mother-daughter relationship that emotionally empower women and create necessary generational change.

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