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Huffington Post

Rosjke blogs for the Huffington Post on Women’s Issues and the Mother-Daughter Relationship.

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Article Recommendations

In the following two articles the authors describe the link between how women relate to themselves, their money and career and the beliefs and gender stereotypes they inherit from their mother.

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The Emotional Crisis between Mothers and Daughters

Why is mother-daughter conflict and misunderstanding so common? Why do so many daughters recoil at the suggestion that they are turning into their mother? Rosjke Hasseldine, a psychotherapist, has discovered what is harming the mother-daughter relationship and believes that the
mother-daughter relationship is a mirror reflection of the emotional
condition women and girls are living in.

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Why are women so critical of each other?

All to often, the feminist promise of sisters supporting each other does not reflect reality. Rosjke Hasseldine considers what is holding women back from leaving the war of attrition behind in favour of solidarity.

Originally published in The F word, with permission.