The Silent Female Scream from Amazon

Published by Women’s Bookshelf Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9557104-0-7

With honesty, empathy and clear-eyes wisdom, The Silent Female Scream peels away the layers and changes women’s lives for the better.

Women have for generations been silenced into being “nice” and “acceptable” and taught to not upset anyone. Rosjke Hasseldine cracks open the reality of women’s emotional lives and exposes how this kind of emotional silence is internalized and passed on from generation to generation, and is toxic for everyone, especially mothers and daughters.

This book is emotional food! It strips away women’s learned silence and launches the women’s movement into a new way of thinking that has until now been ignored: how sexism, inequality, and invisibility impacts how women feel about themselves. With questions and exercises, Rosjke teaches what it means to really live up to The Silent Female Scream Revolution’s motto: “That every female has the right to be heard, valued and respected, and to know that anything less is just not okay.”

The Mother-Daughter Puzzle

Published by Women’s Bookshelf Publishing

The Mother-Daughter Puzzle will change how women see themselves and their mother-daughter relationship. It reveals the power the mother-daughter relationship has to emotionally empower women to speak and be heard, to stop repeatedly giving from a place of empty, to tell the stories of women’s lives, and to challenge and change harmful sexist beliefs and cultural stereotypes.

Rosjke Hasseldine is a powerful ambassador for the mother-daughter relationship! In this book she explains all she has learned through her long career as a mother-daughter relationship therapist/coach, listening to thousands of mothers and daughters from around the world talk about their lives and mother-daughter relationships. With sensitivity and deep respect for the hurt, anger, guilt, and blame that are so often felt by mothers and daughters, Rosjke will teach you how to peel back the layers and examine your mother-daughter history. She will teach you how to connect the dots between what’s happening between you and your mother or daughter, and the stories of how the women in your generational family have been treated, and the beliefs, behavior patterns, and themes you need to change so that you can enjoy a strong, emotionally empowered, emotionally connected, mutually supportive mother-daughter relationship.