Certified Mother-Daughter Coach

Great News – the world’s first Mother-Daughter Coach Training Course is finally here!

It is time I pass on all I have learned from the thousands of mothers and daughters I have worked with from around the world.

The Certified Mother-Daughter Coach training course is a post-graduate course for practicing mental health professionals and coaches, who want to increase their client base, learn how to dig below the arguments mothers and daughters have, and empower and heal the mother-daughter relationship.

The course is taught in small online groups through Zoom because getting to know you is important to me.

The online course consists of 8 lessons, each 90 minutes long, and students receive 2 individual lessons, 30 minutes each.

Each lesson requires 5 hours of home study time for journaling, homework exercises, and practice.

The total time commitment is 13 hours of tuition + 40 hours of home study = 53 hours.

In this training course I will teach you;

  • How to successfully work with mothers and daughters individually or as a couple.
  • How to dig below the arguments mothers and daughters have and discover the real cause for their conflict.
  • How to map your own and your clients’ mother-daughter history and uncover the themes that are passed down the generations, and the beliefs and generational patterns that need healing and changing.
  • How to emotionally empower yourself and your female clients to stop self-silencing and tolerate being emotionally neglected. This knowledge will increase your understanding of the underlying causes of common emotional and mental health problems and how to successfully treat issues like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

If you are looking for the following professional and personal benefits, this course is for you!

  • Increased skills, client base, and earning potential.
  • Increased personal empowerment and skills to emotionally empower your female clients, champion women’s rights, and facilitate generational change.
  • Greater understanding of your own and your female client’s mother-daughter history.
  • Individual training and mentorship from Rosjke.
  • Eligibility to market yourself as a Certified Mother-Daughter Coach and use the logo on your website and advertising materials.

Price $1,850 and
£1,350 GBP

(This can be paid in 2 installments)

Acceptance into the Training Course requires

1. Submitting completed application form

2. An interview with me in-person or through Skype

3. Making payment


Contact me if you would like to discuss the possibility of including the Certified Mother-Daughter Coach Training Course in your organization.

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