The continued marginalization of the mother-daughter relationship has to stop! Join Rosjke in challenging this sexism by demanding that the mother-daughter relationship is taught in training programs and discussed at women’s conferences!

Rosjke Hasseldine moderates and speaks on the UN 62nd Commission on the Status of Women panel on “How Mothers and Daughters Can Reach Gender Equality” NOW PLAYING Also on the panel - Lois A. Herman, Paula Caplan, Celia Michaels, and Carole Fontaine. conference-all-around-world PLAYING NOW Mothers and Daughters Around the World Conference NOW PLAYING Why I specialized in the Mother-Daughter Relationship NOW PLAYING How to understand the Mother-Daughter Relationship NOW PLAYING The Mother-Daughter Coaching Model NOW PLAYING An equation that explains the Mother-Daughter Relationship PLAYING NOW The importance of asking for what you need PLAYING NOW The world’s first Mother-Daughter Relationship training PLAYING NOW Women in Leadership PLAYING NOW Rosjke reads from her book The Mother-Daughter Puzzle PLAYING NOW Talk to psychology students in Budapest

  • I talk with Jackie Tantillo on her “Should Have Listened To My Mother” podcast about seeing mom with soft eyes and how mothers and daughters often do the best they can with the resources they are given.

  • I talk with Shelly Slocum on her “The Story of Mom” podcast about what mothers and daughters need.

  • Rosjke talks with Angela Forth on Angela’s 'Move Forth' Podcast.

    Mother-Daughter Coaching International, a training organization that teaches professionals how to work with mothers and daughters.

“For women to truly know themselves they need to understand what they have inherited from their mother and for therapists to understand their female clients they must understand what has happened to the women who have come before.”

-The Mother-Daughter Puzzle-