The continued marginalization of the mother-daughter relationship has to stop! Join Rosjke in challenging this sexism by demanding that the mother-daughter relationship is taught in training programs and discussed at women’s conferences!

  • Listen to Rosjke Hasseldine's Youtube Videos where she shares her knowledge about the mother-daughter relationship.

  • Listen to Mother-Daughter Coaching International Facebook live recordings where Rosjke Hasseldine and Kerry Castledine facilitate many conversations about the mother-daughter relationship

  • I talk with Prof. Ana Tajder on her “Thank You Mama” podcast about patriarchy, mother-daughter estrangement, the mother-daughter history mapping exercise, healing generational trauma, and the generational trauma in my mother-daughter history.

  • I talk with Mackenzie Belcastro on her “The North Star” podcast about the root causes of mother-daughter conflict, solutions that work, and my mother-daughter story.

  • I talk with Sezer Fahri and Julie Berentsen on their “The Systemic Way” podcast about mother-daughter attachment dynamics, the mother-daughter history mapping exercise, and how society, and particularly patriarchy, impacts the way mothers and daughters relate.

  • I talk with Jackie Tantillo on her “Should Have Listened To My Mother” podcast about seeing mom with soft eyes and how mothers and daughters often do the best they can with the resources they are given.

  • I talk with Shelly Slocum on her “The Story of Mom” podcast about what mothers and daughters need.

“For women to truly know themselves they need to understand what they have inherited from their mother and for therapists to understand their female clients they must understand what has happened to the women who have come before."

-The Mother-Daughter Puzzle-