Power Circles

I created Women’s Power Circles in 2008
because there is a need for


Women to have a space in which to gather and tell the stories of their lives and their mother-daughter history, and learn about who they are and what they feel, think, need, and want.


Women to learn about what is causing today’s global epidemic of mother-daughter conflict and creating conflict in all female relationships.


Women to discuss their own and their mother’s and grandmother’s experience with emotional silence and emotional neglect and how destructive sexism is for women’s emotional wellbeing, visibility, equality, and ability to listen to and emotionally support each other.

Feminism has done a marvelous job in enshrining women’s rights into law. But what it has ignored to its peril is how daughters inherit their mother’s internalized sexism and how the sexism of emotional silence and emotional neglect harms women’s ability to listen to and emotionally support each other.

What harms mothers and daughters from listening to and emotionally supporting each other also harms other female relationships. As I write in The Mother-Daughter Puzzle just like between mothers and daughters, if a woman is struggling to listen to herself, she will struggle to listen to other women. If she believes that her duty is to fit in and compromise her needs and wellbeing for other people’s needs, then she will pass this duty on to other women. And if she does not know how to emotionally support herself or claim her needs and goals, she will struggle to celebrate other women who do.

I believe the next stage of the Women’s Movement is for women to collectively challenge the emotional silence and emotional neglect that they have inherited from their mother’s generation, because women will forever remain invisible and emotionally unsupported if they do not speak what they feel and need. And because Women’s Power Circles are designed to challenge internalized sexism, they are exactly the kind of environment women need to create family and work spaces where women are heard and respected!

Relationships and workplaces where women are heard and emotionally supported are not created by magic.

When women gather in circle to understand how they have inherited their mother’s experience of being emotionally silenced and emotionally neglected, women will start to speak and expect to be heard without compromise or guilt.


Women’s Power Circles are small groups of up to 10 women that meet for 6 weeks. Each meeting lasts for about 90 minutes.

The 6 week circle experience includes

Week 1

Welcome and storytelling about our lives, mother-daughter history, and generational legacy of emotional silence, emotional neglect, invisibility, and self-sacrifice.

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Week 2

Learning how to speak and be heard, claim our emotional needs in our relationships and workplaces, even when others don’t want to listen.

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Week 3

Learning how to become more visible in our relationships and workplaces as we challenge the sexism that has made us afraid to speak and be the center of attention.

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Week 4

Learning how to take our seat at the decision making table and expect our ideas to be heard, even when others are uncomfortable with our assertiveness.

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Week 5

Learn how to demand equal pay for equal work, even when others don’t recognize this right.

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Week 6

Graduation and planning for how to carry on self-facilitating your circle.

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Cost: $325 USD
per circle

which includes a copy of The Silent Female Scream

10% discount for both of you, if you sign up with your daughter, mother, or friend

Email me at

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to book your place on a Women’s Power Circle