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Mother-Daughter Therapy / Coaching

I see mothers and daughters individually or as a couple, in-person in my office, or online through Zoom. This means time with me where I focus entirely on you and what’s going on in your life and relationships.

My style of working is conversational and results-oriented. Together we will explore the themes and issues that are causing pain and connect the dots between what’s happening now with what’s been going on in your generational family. I will teach you how to raise your entitlement to speak, be heard, and have your emotional needs met. And I will give you homework because it is through practicing what you are learning in our sessions that you will facilitate the change you desire.

I help women:

  • Understand and heal their mother-daughter relationship problems
  • Challenge and change abusive and destructive generational patterns
  • Learn how to be heard, honored, and emotionally supported in all their relationships
  • Learn how to speak their emotional truth, set healthy boundaries, and feel emotionally entitled
  • Achieve personal and career goals

Cost: 60 minutes
in-person or
online $200 USD
or £150

(10% discount is applied if you prepay
for 4 sessions – $720 USD or £540)

Please complete the intake form that needs to be completed before the session.

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